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Although the company LUCID was established in 1994, it avows to long tradition of the jewellery production in the Jizera mountain region.


The beginnings of the today production can be found in 1919, when Robert Rudolf started production of devotional articles pressed from metal and combined with glass components. The blooming business was interrupted by the Second World War and the destruction was continued under the communist leadership in the after-war period. The matter went as far as to replacement the traditional production with the production of the metal gramophone parts and destruction of number of unique tools. But thanks to experienced and skilled workers the production of the metal jewellery components and semi-products was kept alive under other names of different companies and silently continued during all communist period. This period of struggle for existence was finally finished by the Revolution in 1989. As soon as the after revolution situation enabled, The company LUCID declared itself as a follower of the traditional metal parts production while taking over and enlarging the production of Zeleznobrodske sklo. In the years followed, the company joined with several other smaller producers with similar production programs, what made Lucid one of the leading producer in the Czech Republic. The year 2010 was another significant breakpoint in the history of the company. The Lucid became purely family business, which improved efficiency of the managing actions and started further fast development of the company, which resulted in cooperation with customers in many countries of Europe, Asia and America.


At present the company specializes in seven fields.


  1. Technical production (deliveries for automotive, electro-technical, furniture and building industries)
  2. Jewellery, haberdashery and decorative semi-products
  3. Chandelier galleries and components for assembling cut-glass chandeliers
  4. Devotional articles
  5. Promotional products
  6. Commemorative medals from both precious and base metals
  7. Metal components for Christmas decorations
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