Metal semi-finished products for jewellery and decorations from the heart of north Czech Republic


We make original semi-finished products and decorative products for you in Jablonec nad Nisou, where every day thousands of small components are exported all over the world. Our production is focused on all kinds of components, from metal keyrings to Christmas decorations. We are able to make almost anything from the field of metal jewellery.


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After years of doing business, we have become of the biggest manufacturers of semi-finished jewellery products and decorations in Europe. Thanks to years of experience and a brilliant team, we can offer our clients a wide spectrum of decorative articles made from various material. Aside from jewellery articles, we are also dedicated to the production of commemorative medals.

What are we able to offer you in terms of jewellery production? At your request we can make:

  • classic jewellery items (semi-finished)
  • special components for Christmas decorations
  • other types of components (e.g. religious products)

All components are made from high quality material – mainly from tombac CuZn20 (an alloy of copper 80% and zinc 20%). Therefore, you can be sure that all our accessories for your jewellery needs are made from first-class material and have a long lifespan, whether you buy small metal loops or complex filigrees.

Our jewellery products and decorations are exported all over the world and our client base consists mainly of:

  • jewellery makers
  • glass and chandelier makers
  • haberdashery and footwear manufacturers
  • well-known fashion houses
  • wholesalers of jewellery components

Our components can also be found on buttons, wedding decorations and jewels or even on headstone and All Hallows’ Eve decorations. In addition, you can find our decorative components on the walls of people’s flats, houses and gardens.

Are you looking for a reliable supplier of semi-finished products for jewellery and decorations? Well, you have just found them! Just write to us via the contact form or call us and we can talk about your needs and what we can do for you.




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