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Jewellery, haberdashery and decorative semi-products


Buying production of the pressed parts from the company Jablonex Group (e.i. from the former pressing plant Bizuterie a.s.) resulted in increasing the number of the offered items to approximately 16000 and thus our company has the largest offer of such goods in the Czech Republic and one of the largest, if not even also the largest, in Europe.

Thanks to our continuous effort to keep up with the latest trends while maintaining the high quality of our products, our metal parts have already appeared at Christmas decorations on the Christmas tree in the White House, USA; our jewellery semi-products have been seen on carnival costumes in Rio de Janeiro, on outfits of Madonna and other personalities of cultural and political life. Jewellery and haberdashery metal parts are used even the most famous fashion houses in France or artists of the Vienna state Opera house. Our pressed parts could be found in many lamps as well as in chandeliers in luxurious hotels, theaters, official buildings or palaces of Arab sheikhs.



Devotional articles


The company Lucid was established as a follower of the traditional production of devotional articles pressed from metal. These articles are completed with glass components and pictures. Our products can be found in many church buildings and places of pilgrimage in the Czech Republic and abroad. For example our rosaries were given as presents to heroic New York firefighters in September 2001.


Our main products are

  1. Holy water fonts
  2. Pendants to chains
  3. Crosses pressed from metals and paste crosses
  4. Rosaries from glass, wooden or plastics beads combined with metal caps
  5. Rosary boxes and statues of the saints



Promotional products


Gradual expanding of the production of the pressed goods led from various pendants and cartridges with relief pattern over badges, tie clips, cuff links and similar to the biggest and technologically most demanding medals and plaques. All these articles are made from non-ferrous metals especially from brass and aluminium. The company regularly produces medals for sport events such as Czech Ski Championship, football and ice-hockey Czech leagues. The company LUCID was also producer of the medals for Women Basketball World Championship in 2010.



Commemorative medals from precious metals


Production of commemorative medals started in 2005, when the production program from the company MPD, which mint these medals and other articles from precious and base metals, was bought. As this production is technologically similar to already existing production of the company LUCID, the technical equipment and human source could be shared.


Carefully chosen topics along with the cooperation with top artists – medal designers and engravers - enable production of top quality medals in very small sets, which have high collecting value. Medals are mostly made of pure gold (fineness 999.9) or silver (fineness 999). Each medal is marked with serial number, mark of the designer, production mark of our company and state hallmark of the precious metal fineness. Also a certificate with medal's parameters, serial number of the production set, authors and some information about the occasion of the issue is enclosed. The careful quality control of all production process results in creating a real work of art appreciated by both specialists and general public. Thanks to their art value and small sets medals keep their value despite the fluctuation of the prices of the precious metals and this makes them very popular with collectors.


Apart from medals we also produce pendants or badges of precious metals according to wishes of the customers.



Technical production – pressing and assembling


In 1998 the company LUCID joined with the company Likona producing metal parts especially for electro-technical industry. This connection considerably strengthened know-how and enlarged technological possibilities which covered all process from consultations about technologic producibility over construction and production of the necessary tools to serial deliveries of the parts. Thanks to these, in the following years the company LUCID won many important contracts not only for electro-technical and machinery industries, but also for car industry.

All machinery equipment and system of quality control are continuously modernized so that the company LUCID is a holder of the certification ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


At present the company LUCID owns wide range of machinery equipment including own construction of the tools and toolroom- for example transfer press (Paust, Benelli), universal stamping automats (Bihler, Talo), horizontal or vertical eccentric one-acting presses, double acting presses and other special presses and also rolling machines for rolling profile and pattern stripes. The equipment enables production parts of different shapes up to size of 150 x 150 mm with thickness of max 4mm. The tonnage of our presses ranges from 1 to 300 tons. Along with the pressing itself, the company offers some further operations such as assembling parts into sets, spot welding, soldering, riveting, threading and others. Parts with surface finish are produced in cooperation with selected regional sub-suppliers.



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