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Technical stampings

Technical production – pressing and assembling

The company LUCID is a holder of the certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Technical pressed parts from our company are used in many electrical appliances for everyday use, also in cars produced by VW, Honda, Suzuki, Scania or Porsche. But some of our parts also work in the most demanding climatic and working conditions on the oil platforms, in trains or planes. We produce stainless airing grills suitable for building and furniture industries.

Our pressing equipment enables production parts from simple shapes to very complicated ones (up to size of 150 x 150 mm with thickness of max 4mm). The tonnage of our presses ranges from 1 to 300 tons. LUCID owns wide range of machinery equipment including own toolroom and construction of the tools.

We own transfer presses (Paust, Benelli), universal stamping automats (Bihler, Talo), horizontal or vertical eccentric one-acting presses, double acting presses and other special presses and also rolling machines for rolling profile and pattern stripes.

For our partners we offer also assembling parts into sets and some further operations, (spot welding, soldering, riveting, threading and others). We deliver also parts with the surface finish, which are produced in cooperation with selected regional sub-suppliers. At present we offer full service connected with production of serial parts for industrial purposes. Based on technical documentation we can arrange all production process from consultations about technologic producibility over construction and production of the necessary tools to serial deliveries of the parts.

All machinery equipment and software, including equipment of the control and toolroom, are continuously modernized. We are improving the system of quality control.


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