Merchant, manufacturer:

  • 1. Log in with your name, if you are not already logged in, fill in the login form. Without logging in, prices will not be listed for individual items!
  • 2. Select the relevant item in the catalogue. In the table that opens after clicking "Product detail" enter the desired quantity. The minimum order quantity is indicated for each item (see "Terms and Conditions and Discounts" for details). The catalogue will guide you through the whole process until the order of the selected items is sent. Before sending your order, do not forget to fill in how you want the goods to be sent.
  • 3. Your enquiry/order will be confirmed by us to the email you provide, including delivery time.
  • 4. When the goods are ready to be shipped, we will send you an invoice by email for payment. For delivery within the Czech Republic, the goods can be sent by post on delivery.
  • 5. Ordered goods will be dispatched upon receipt of payment.